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Self Help Tips

Before You Submit A Service Request

If you are experiencing a technical issue, please take a few minutes to go through these checklist items. This may help you solve your problem in the meantime. Go ahead, try to answer these questions and you might be amazed at the results.

Try These in the Meantime

  • Save all Data – Before troubleshooting anything, save all open documents so work is not lost.
  • Check Connections– Check all power connections to the power outlet or surge protector. Check the back of the machine for securely connected cables for the power, video, mouse, keyboard, Ethernet cables (Network cables), etc. Check the Ethernet cable connection to the wall outlet.
  • Power– Confirm that the computer is on.
  • Relaunch Applications: If the application you are working on is experiencing issues or has stopped working, quit/force the application by hitting Control-Alt-Delete and then under “Processes” then select the application you are having issues with and select “End Task”.
  • Reboot – Sometimes your computer may experience issues due to your computer’s memory getting full, corrupted or it may experience what are called memory leaks. Shutdown the system. Wait 30 seconds and restart.
  • Valid Passwords – Confirm that you are logged into the network using a valid network account id and password.
  • Software – If the problem is with an application, check other applications to determine if they are working properly. Does the problem happen in just one program, or is it fairly random?
  • Internet – If the problem is with the Internet, try several other web sites.
  • Colleagues – Check with other users in your area to determine if they are experiencing the same problem. If so, one person should report the problem and submit a technical support request.
  • Error Message – If you receive an error message, write the exact message down and report with your technical support request or take a screen shot of the image and attach it to your technical support request in an email to
  • Last Function – Make a note of the last function or operation that you completed before the system malfunctioned. (i.e. – “I was trying to print a document to Printer#1 from Microsoft Word”)
  • WiFi (Wireless) is not working: Press “FN” + “F5” to turn the wifi radio on. Some laptops have a physical wifi switch that can be pressed/slid to turn the WiFi radio on and off.
  • I can’t get my laptop to display on my monitor: Make sure your laptop is properly docked on the docking station and reboot your computer.

If you issue continues to persist, and get worse, please submit a support ticket with us here

If your issue is an emergency (Site is down, group of users can not work or a single user can not work), call our Help Desk at (877) 800-6710 Option #1

Thank you again for choosing us as your IT support partner!


The Precision IT Consulting Team



Please let us know below of any self help tips you would like us to add to this page that could help you.