Can Millennials Be Biggest Data Security Risk For Company’s?

Source - InfoWorld - Boomers vs MillennialsSince security is a main priority for us and our San Francisco Bay Area business clients, we found the following article from InfoWorld to be extremely interesting and maybe controversial. This article is written by Stacy Collett from InfoWorld. This article discusses a recent survey that explains how millennials which take up a majority of the workforce, maybe the biggest headache for IT security teams. The survey sites the following areas on why Millennials might be more of a security risk compared to Boomers (See image from InfoWorld to the right). The article goes in detail about the following areas where they maybe more of a risk.

  1. More Millennials use employer-issued mobile devices for personal use.

  2. Millennials modify their default settings.

  3. Millennials access more ‘Not Safe For Work’ content.

  4. A quarter of Millennials believe they compromise IT security — but do little about it.

  5. Half of all workers believe that data security is not their responsibility.

Obviously, not sure if Precision IT Consulting completely agrees with this article as Millennials can also be a lot more tech savvy, making them less prone to fall victim to security threats as well.

Nonetheless, if you would like to read more about this, please see the following article from InfoWorld:

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