Denny's Ransomware Datto Case Study

Denny’s Survives Ransomware Attack with Backupify For Google Apps

Source---Datto---Dennys-Ransomware-Case-StudyRansomware has become a huge issue with San Francisco Bay Area businesses. We know of a few businesses who have been affected by it, and the saving grace for those clients has been the ability to recover because of backup solutions like the ones offered by Datto. Datto is a business continuity partner of Precision IT Consulting and they released a Success Story for one of there clients, Denny’s. Denny’s (The restaurant chain) is currently using Google Apps for business for there email and cloud storage. They were recently hit by Ransomware, but because they had Datto’s Backuplify product, they were able to recover Google Apps Drive.

To learn more, here is the case study with more information on how Datto helped Denny’s.

Dennys_Backuplify Case Study(1)