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If You Spill Coffee On Your Laptop

As a Managed IT Service provider for San Francisco Bay Area businesses, we do get some requests to help with users who accedientally spill a drink on there laptop.  No all of the laptops we provide from Lenovo, HP or Dell come with 3-Year Business warranties, but those warranties do not cover any damages caused by end-user mistakes, like coffee spills.

If for whatever reason you do spill coffee or another drink on you laptop, the following article gives some good advice on what to do. The article gives you some links to HP and Lenovo spill proof keyboard laptop options, but our recommendation for all laptop purchases if you think you are at risk of spilling something, then you should also get “Accidental Coverage” with you warranty which would cover any spills. This is especially recommended for remote users who work a lot at public places like coffee shops or co-working spaces.

To read more, see the following article from the New York Times Tech Section: