Intel Security Issue

Intel Security Vulnerability

Image from Precision IT Consulting for article about Intel Security issueAs many may know by now, it was discovered that there is a security vulnerability in Intel’s processors that could allow a hacker to steal data that is stored in the memory of a device. Durring call today and via interviews with multiple media outlets, Intel was quick to say they are working on a hardware update to fix the vulnerability and Microsoft is currently in the process of releasing a patch to remedy this as well.¬† According¬† to several news outlets, this could be a security flaw that affects 20 years of devices. What this means for our San Francisco Bay Area business clients who we provide IT support for is, we will be rolling out the available updates from Microsoft and other appropreate vendors when they become available.

In the meantime, you are interested in learning more about this news and keeping your self informed, here are several links to articles that do a good job of explaining this in more detail.

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