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Managed IT Services

Precision IT Consulting provides a complete set of Managed IT Services for small & mid-sized businesses based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Strategic planning is the key to delivering all of our managed IT services to our clients that represent a diverse set of industries including Local Government, Corporate Services, and Industrial Services.

We have made the needed investments in people, technology and processes that are necessary to differentiate ourselves from other managed IT service providers in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you are a small business with no IT department, we can handle all of your IT needs giving you the peace of mind necessary to focus on your business.

The benefits our clients receive with our Managed IT Services

  • Ability to focus on their businesses, not IT
  • Minimized downtime due to technology issues
  • Increased operational efficiency through the use of technology
  • Strategic guidance on all technology decisions
  • Peace of mind since we are managing your IT environment 24/7
  • Quicker resolution to all of your IT challenges
  • A reduction in, and control of your operating costs
  • Access to a full, certified and experienced technical staff
  • Access to enterprise-class technology



Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our Precision 360 Managed IT Services.