Is Mr Robot in Your Network?

Source Tenable Security - Mr. Robot Article ImageSometimes there are Pop Culture events that happen that bring the world of IT to the public for public consumption. Such an event is the show Mr Robot that stars Christian Slater. The show is about a hacking society that hacks into the largest corporation (E-Corp) and the FBI. On the show, they do reference a lot of security jargon that is pretty accurate compared to the IT Security issues we have to deal with on a day-to-day basis.  Spoiler alert, but on the last episode from last week, one of the characters was tasked with deploying a  “Rubber Ducky” which is a USB drive that acts like a “Human Input Device” (HID). They reason they want to use this is because most HID devices can by pass any security measures that block external USB drives from accessing the network. In the following article, Tenable security sheds more light on this topic. For our Small to Medium Sized Business clients, we tend to work with them on implementing cost effective solutions to hopeful reduce the risk of security issues like those that are used on Mr. Robot.

Please see the following article from Tenable Security with further info on there solutions to help: