Recent Bank Hack Attack: What You or Your Users Should do

hack-attack-protect-your-online-bank-account-from-fraudIf you have not heard, JP Morgan Chase and some other banks have been hit by hackers again. Now in a statement from one of the banks, they say they get hit by hackers on a daily basis, but have the security technology in place to protect user information. Unfortunately with this recent announcement, their technology did not do a good enough job and the hackers did get account information supposedly. In other announcements, it was mentioned that hackers also on a regular basis try directly to get users banking information directly via phishing attacks via emails. USA Today does a good job of outlining what you and your users can do to avoid these scams. Depending on your internet policy at your business, I would image your users still spend some time accessing personal accounts? In any case, some of the best practices mentioned in this article would be helpful to protecting your business as well.

Please review the article from USA Today:


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