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SF East Bay Area – Protecting Your Business from Ransomware

From Panda Media CenterThese days we are seeing more and more ransomware attacks. We are also see a ton more failed login attempts for SF East Bay Area business clients that have outside facing servers like Remote Desktop Services Servers and Exchange servers.

In some cases we are seeing thousands of failed login attempts (Brute force) attacks. This is where hackers armed with dictionaries and a set of common logins and passwords will try and over and over with the use of automated systems, keep trying to login to internet facing servers. In some cases, if business organizations have really weak passwords, the hackers will succeed.

For these organizations, we recommend that they remove if possible all internet facing servers from outside network access and if end-users have to access, make them use a secure connection like a VPN connection. We also recommend deploying encryption if possible by using an SSL certificate.

You can also implement a tool that limits the amount of failed login attempts.

If a business organization does not take the right precautions to do this, then they can get hacked, like the organization did in the following article from Panda Media Center.