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Strategic Approach

The key to successfully partnering with our San Francisco Bay Area-based business clients is our Strategic Approach. Over the years we have focused on providing strategic direction for our clients to help reduce the risk of downtime caused by technology issues, and to help them make more efficient use of there technology. The following is an outline of our approach to providing Strategic IT Services for our clients.

Technology Standardization
We work with our clients to implement proven and reliable technology Standards based on best practices, industry requirements and appropriate technical alignment with our clients business goals.

Ongoing Proactive Checks
Once the Standards have been developed and implemented for each client, we will perform regular checks to ensure the technology, and IT processes in place are in sync with the Standards. We will then provide services through our Service Desk to remediate any issues found. In the process, we will also develop and maintain detailed technical documentation and knowledge of our clients IT environments.

Planning & Guidance
Along with our Service Desk being alerted to issues found with our Proactive Checks, each client is assigned a vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer). The vCIO works with our clients to help identify business risk, provide long-term strategic guidance and implement a technology budget.

The goal of our Strategic Approach is to minimize the risk of any reactive support and fires our clients may face.

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