What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Image for Two-Factor Security ArticleWhat is Two-Factor Authentication

The following is a summary of an article that Ian Paul over at PCWorld.com wrote introducing what Two-Factor Authentication security is and a brief introduction to recommended solutions.

For Precision IT Consulting and our San Francisco Bay Area clients, we often time implement different Two-Factor Authentication solutions another layer to the IT security practices we put into place to make it difficult for people to hack into their systems. If you have used various sites on the websites, who are using it already to in a sense. Two-Factor Authentication is another login code for an account. An example is for some websites; you might have to log in and then they might send you a specific code via text to your phone then you have to enter in that info you got into the website. The article mentions that getting codes via SMS is not all that safe since hackers could potentially intercept that information. The report says it prefers software based or hardware based two-factor authentication.

The article mentions a few services they recommend. The services they like include the following.

Google Authenticator: This uses an application on your phone and a QR code reader to provide this authentication. PCWorld mentions that this is the easiest of the tools to use.

LastPass: The next solution they like is from LastPass, call LastPass Authenticator. This is another free tool, and it features a “One-Tap” tool for its Two-Factor Authentication.

The Authors ideal solution is from Yubico, call YubiKey which is a hardware-based two-factor solution that involves keychain that plugs into a USB port. The only thing it will only work with accounts that support FIDO U2F.

The other solutions they mention is from Microsoft and Authy.

To get more details about these solutions, please see the following article.