Windows 10 Installation Super Guide

InfoWorld - Image from Precision IT Consulting, IT Services Vendor for Windows 10 Install ImageAccording to Microsoft, 110 million PCs run on Windows 10. Not all of our San Francisco Bay Area business are running on it yet, but when we do, we do run into a few hiccups along the way when we are either installing new workstations or upgrading them to Windows 10. We started to compile a list with fixes to some of those hiccups, but the list became to lengthy. Along came the experts at InfoWorld who just compiled a list that does a better job than what we would have done. Some of the issues discussed in this “Insider paper” includes the following:

  • What to do when prompted for a product key
  • What to do when the installer hangs for hours or reboots continuously
  • How to deal with the error codes most associated with Windows 10 installs.
  • Deal with other activation issues
  • Deal with PC ownership questions
  • Start menu is not working
  • Creating a local account
  • Having trouble with video and sound
  • All your programs do not appear on the start menu
  • Windows 10 update meltdowns
  • How to roll back Windows 10 upgrade

Here is the link to this paper posted by Woody Leonhard. You have to sign up as an InfoWorld insider, but it would only be fair that you do so since they have talented people who put together InfoWorld who need to get paid for contributing to this free resource.